About us


About Us

We recognise that the world is changing.

The digital world is replacing the traditional way we interact with the world in every aspect of our day to day lives. These days we don’t have to wait for the school disco to meet friends and socialise, the shops don’t close on Sunday, we don’t queue in the bank to pay a bill, pop into the video shop on the way home to rent a film, visit record store to buy the latest album or even have to call for a pizza!

Now we have social media to keep in touch and socialise online, 24/7 online shopping and internet banking. We can download films, music and entertainment and even order our takeaway without even picking up the phone. We can do everything ourselves online and be in control of when we want to access these services.

So when it comes to managing our own rental property – why can’t we do the same?

Our Mission

To put you in full control of your Property Management online and enable tenants to deal directly with their landlord through our innovative and easy to use system. Our aim is to give you tools & support you need to make advertising your property and locating a suitable tenant as easy as .. well.... ordering a pizza!

Our Team

Letmedirect is the brainchild of a group of property professionals who together have over 20 years' experience in the private rented property sector, both as landlords and high street Letting Agents and are driven to bring transparent, cost effective and convenient service to landlords
Sukhdev Jandu

Sukhdev Jandu

Founder and CEO

Having set up & run a very successful Letting Agency for over 17 years – I know a large proportion of landlords are increasingly frustrated by poor service from some agents. Tenants also find the rental process problematic and expensive due to fees imposed by some agents. It’s time to rethink our approach & respond to this demand from our clients by creating some transparency into this marketplace.

Our Team

Alistair Clare

Alistair Clare

Technical Architect & Product Design

Alistair has been key in realising the development of the letmedirect system having worked with Sukhdev at every stage to help translate his business concept into a functional technical design from initial stages through to launch. Alistair has an exceptional track record in the Technical Architecture field working with industry leading professionals for an international IT & Business consultancy firm and was the first choice to help build our system.
Amrkck Chattu

Amrick Chattu

Sales Director

Amrick brings significant experience to the letmedirect team from his direct sales and entrepreneurial background in the financial sector and service delivery. Involved in the evolutionary stages of the letmedirect concept to help get the project up and running, he then moved on to marketing analysis and applied his outstanding enthusiasm to developing the business and implementing the marketing strategy.
Olga Kovsh

Olga Kovsh

IT Project Manager

It’s been a pleasure to work on transitioning a unique business idea into a web system. Letmedirect equips its users with effective and advanced tools for property management through a truly intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Supporting Roles

Jonathan White

UK Financial Services Business Consultant & Sales Director

The letmedirect business model is brilliantly simple; the technology is as elegant and well designed as I have ever seen. The team has been a pleasure to work alongside; creative, energetic and innovative. User need has been a constant touchstone throughout the design and implementation process.
Amara Jandu

Amara Jandu

Graphic Design

letmedirect is one of most innovative ideas to come to the lettings industry. The team have put their heart and soul into letmedirect to bring a simple solution to the complicated world of lettings. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on creating the branding for letmedirect and it's amazing to see it all finally come together after months of hard work from the team

Daniil Volkov

Animation Designer

I really like the idea of a website that does everything for property rental in one place. It's a simple, intuitive and innovative solution and I really enjoyed working with the professional letmedirect team on the marketing aspects of the project. I'm really proud to see the end result coming together beautifully.