As part of our Beta Phase special offers, you can list your property for FREE using our Essential Package, normally £149.00

Ends 24 December 2020

It includes all the Essential services Landlords need to get started in Letting their property.


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Free Listing T & C's

Whilst the package is FREE and you are not charged for any of the services, as part of our fraudulent property protection policy and before a property is listed, we use electronic address and ID validation on all Landlords.

Therefore before you can list a property, you must activate it by using a valid credit or debit card.

Credit and Debit card transaction validate the cardholders name and billing address and we use this as part of our Landlord validation.

Therefore to activate your Listing, you will be required to validate the account by making a £1.00 transaction.

A successful transaction, validates the Landlords ID and billing address and your listing will be activated


We are trying to create a level playing field where both landlords and tenants can enjoy the benefits of dealing directly and as part of our quality assurance program we are also here to assist tenants by ensuring as best as we can, using the resources available to us, that landlords creating property listing do exist.


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